artist, muralist, illustrator,

designer of cool stuff

Art is Monique's life’s passion,

the environment around her is the inspiration for her work,

and the joy she brings her clients is her reward.


Fine Art

Custom Paintings

Custom art is one way to give a gift that affects, that creates memories. It’s a way to remember the house you were raised in, the dog you loved or the scenery that reminds you of a special time.

Murals come in all shapes sizes and styles. They tell a story and make our surroundings beautiful. Having painted thousands of walls over the last twenty years, Monique has helped to tell so many beautiful stories. They keep changing as the clients do, but that’s the joy of being a muralist.

   The romance of nature, from a cloudy sky to turbulent rivers. The beauty of age, from the up-close texture of a rusty lock, or the grandeur of a collapsed building, what inspired her work varies depending on her mood and what surrounds her but one thing stays true throughout, she always puts her all into every piece, and it shows...

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